Animal Life at SGA-PALSANA


Desert Climate environmental feature of locality allows small grasses, shrubs and comparatively a large number of xerophytic trees, which all together, don’t provide a conducive atmosphere to the herbivores and carnivores mammal thrive in full form.

of course, over a span of five or more decades back, Palsana and its vicinity had a rich variety of fauna, wild mammals such as wolf, Jackal, Hyna, Black buck, chinkara etc. were found in large size. However these animals have now completely disappeared.

Definitely climatic variability and unsustainable human activities are the main factors behind this catastrophe.

Animals reared by the people, having agrarian back ground and animal husbandry profession including mammals of wilderness this region have been documented and enlisted by the Natural History Society of SGA-Palsana.

They are as follows:

  1. Mammals as Live: Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Camel, Horse, Rabbit.
  2. Canine Pets: Dog and Cat