Boarding House Rules

  1. Use of mobile phones in boarding house is strictly prohibited. If any child is found using a mobile phone, it will be ceased it immediately.
  2. Parents are allowed to speak to their ward only on the designated days and time. All calls will be restricted to three minutes only as telephone calls cause hindrances in the routine of school including studies of the student.
  3. Parents are allowed to communicate with their wards on the school telephone lines on particular days and timing which can be ascertained from the House Master. No calls for speaking to wards will be entertained at any personal numbers of staff of school. However, urgent messages from parents will be passed on to their ward as and when received on school telephone numbers. While speaking to their wards, parents are to exercise restraint as far as call timings are concerned. Stipulated time is 3 minutes only.
  1. The presence on the re-opening day after Summer vacation/ Diwali/ winter break is mandatory, failing which the student will not be accepted back in school. Such indiscipline will also lead to penalty in the forthcoming examinations.
  1. In addition to that a fine of Rupees 300/- per day is imposed for joining late, unless the principal is informed before the beginning of the term and the principal is satisfied with the reason for late coming. A part from this, if a child absents himself/herself for 5 days consecutively his/her name will be struck off from the school. Re-admission will be the sole discretion of the principal in this case.
  1. Every student is expected to take care of their belongings number.
  1. The parents are not allowed to provide tuck, money, etc. to their wards.
  1.  It will be the responsibility of parents to inform the school at least one day in advance regarding their arrival for celebration of birthday of their ward. Birthday celebrations are permitted in the presence of parents only during evening snack time for which parents are to inform the House Master at least one day in advance. No impromptu celebrations will be permitted.
  1. Dormitories are strictly ‘Out of Bounds’ parents or visitors at all times except the beginning of session/ new admission.
  1. Parents are allowed to meet their wards at the reception only.
  1.  Visiting Days & Hours: Parents are allowed to meet their wards on every second and last Sunday of a month as per the following schedule:

Between 1000 to 1300 Hrs from 1st March 31st October

 Between 1100 to 1400 Hrs from 1 November to 28- 29 February

  1. List of Contraband
  • Electric/Electronic gadgets including FM radio, cellular phones, video games, MP3 players etc.
  • Cash and Tuck
  • Hair Colours, Dyes Hair styling, Gel and Fashion Accessories such as Bracelet, Chain, Rings etc.
  • Gold/Silver Jewellery of any kind.
  • Costly gift items.
  • Undesirable Literature, Posters, Magazine, Cards, etc.