Career Planning and Regular Counseling

Career Planning

In modern fast-growing world, it has become difficult  for a child to groom himself for the career of his choice due to pressure from the peer group as well as parents. Individuals also develop lot of issues that concern them physically and psychologically. To overcome this,  the School has a professionally trained counsel who take care of the child requirement and provides solutions to career queries. The  School also organises various career planning and counseling session by renowned career councellors of India. 

Teachers and students counselling session by renowned Experts of the country

In addition to an appointed counsellor in school, the  renowned counselling experts from India give their sessions to students and teachers every year. Keeping in mind that teenage is the precious time which is to be cherished throughout life, teenage counselling helps the young students who are not able to deal with their issues.  Such sessions act as moral boosting and also assist students to find the right path at the time they need it the most.