Passing from the industrial age on the Green Revolution into the knowledge Era requires a strong foundation. Changing times coupled with exponential strides in information technology and global competitiveness have opened a vast opportunity of careers in multidiscipline services, industry and business, technical and scientific research, health and human development. We aim to significantly transform our students for these challenges by imparting quality primary and secondary schooling with best possible human resources and infrastructure and be among the top five schools in the country. Our aim is to send every student at pyol of success, so that he/ she will be able to give the world a new light of true knowledge. We also create a sense of humanity and brotherhood in our students. 


To build a firm foundation at schooling, essentially required by a student to handle the higher education of his/ her choice. To provide not only balance physical, moral, ethical and spiritual development but also development in all fields of life for complete grooming of students personality. 

To instill and developed self confidence and courage in every student so that he or she can face society boldly. To create a sense of responsibility and leadership in every student. To perform role of nation builder by sharpening the perceptions that contribute to national cohesion scientific temperament and independence of mind and spirit. 

To impart and pass of cultural and heritage values to every student and pave the way for a learning environment seeking to produce and enlightened and sensitize citizen and complete human being.